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                                                                                                    Green Environmental Protection

                                                                                                    Four advantages of Zhicheng Machinery

                                                                                                    Excellent and unique products and perfect after-sales service are praised and praised by users and experts at home and abroad



                                                                                                    Factory price direct sellingOmit the intermediate link and make more profit for customers

                                                                                                    • Factory price direct selling, omitting all intermediate links, directly let customers benefit
                                                                                                    • According to the corresponding sales quantity and amount, we can get the corresponding preferential price policy of our company


                                                                                                    Stable supplyStrong production capacity, sufficient inventory and guarantee

                                                                                                    • Import a number of imported equipment, a number of automatic production lines
                                                                                                    • According to the needs of customers, we can provide customized service
                                                                                                    品質認證通過國際環保認證 安全可靠


                                                                                                    Quality assuranceQuality certification, each product is safe and reliable

                                                                                                    • The company is the only designated "R & D base of wear resistant casting production equipment" of "China Foundry Association wear resistant materials and castings branch"
                                                                                                    • "Metal mold for casting grinding ball" and "sand coated iron mold molding machine" standards
                                                                                                    服務支持免費現場技術指導 授課培訓


                                                                                                    Service supportFree on site technical guidance and training

                                                                                                    • Our products cover more than 800 users in 28 provinces and cities in China. Our high-quality and unique products and perfect after-sales service are highly praised and praised by users and experts at home and abroad

                                                                                                    Preference comes from trustMore than 30country 4000 The user chose Zhicheng Machinery

                                                                                                      Ningguo Zhicheng Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specialized in research,production,sales and service of foundry equipment located in Ningguo Economic-technology Development industrial zone with 12,000,000.00RMB capital,5000square meters in total,over 200 employees and nearly 50 technicians,founded in 2008.It is development of Ningguo Zhicheng Grinding ball mould Co.,ltd founded in 1998.Now it has almost 20 years history.With Extensive production experiences,we have gained 45 parts patented technology.


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